Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Octobers Update

Well its been a little while since I have been on, I am a bit slack I know. I have been progressing well but suffering with the reflux and heartburn. I went back to my surgeon and had some fill taken out which did relieve it for sometime but its back again so I have an appointment with my dietician today to see if we can sort something out. I am happy though with my progress and am now down to 102kgs.
My Measurements as of this morning are
Chest 112
Abdo 103
Waist 103
Tummy 129
Hips 127
Thigh 68
Arm 37
I am now in a fat girls 18 which I am thrilled about. My main aims were to get below 100kgs and fit into a normal 18 so the goal is getting real close now and I am feeling very content and happy with my situation.Probably my bigest compliment so far has been bumping into a friend that I hadnt seen in a while and her not recognising me.
Wow, I cant believe how far I have come so quickly, I really am so happy with my progress. It really puts it all in to perspective when you see photos of where you came from.....Although dont get me wrong I have had my doubts at times when I havent been able to eat a thing, but looking at my overall progress I really do know I have done the right thing. Looking back at that photo of me in December just makes me think wow, if I had stayed on that track maybe I wouldnt have seen my beautiful children grow up as with the chest pain, breathlessness and body aches I was experiencing who knows how much longer it may have been before I ended up with a far more serious health problem...