Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Update

Well its been ages since I've updated, I guess cause nothing majorly exciting has been happening, well when I say that, I mean not with my banding life.

On the other hand, my photography venture that I decided to embark on has become an amazing journey. I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received and am so excited with where it is taking me, for those of you who have facebook, please come across and like my page Just Simply You, and for those of you who don't and maybe interested

Without the banding journey though, I am absolutely positive that none of this would be possible. I would not have had the confidence to pursue my goals.

I am now sitting at 82kgs, I would be lying if I didn't admit that I am itching to be 80kgs but just because it's annoying me that I just cant seem to get under it... I do know the reason why though..... and that would be the wine LOL.... so it is the choice's we make isn't it.

The past two days I have had quite a bit of heartburn, which is something I haven't had in a very long time and I had forgotten just how uncomfortable it is so have been sipping on boiling water all day which definitely helps the discomfort.

Anyway I shall upload some photos, I hope all of you out there who are continuing your journey are going well, I love to hear feedback from you and am always wanting to know of others blogs so please don't hesitate to let me know yours.

I believe blogging can be a great tool in helping us be a little more true to ourselves, often its much easier to sit and write something down than to actually say the words. Its also an amazing thing to look back upon as you go forward with your journey, I look back now and truly feel as though my photos are someone else. So its a nice pat on the back to see how far you've come.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loving Life & Living it to the Fullest

I know Ive been a little slack on the updates of late. Im sorry to those of you who have been messaging me. To be honest Im just too busy loving life!

6 months ago I decided to live my dream and start making photography my career. I have always loved taking pictures of people, capturing expressions and giving people something they can cherish forever.

So I'm doing it.... I'd love you to follow this journey with me and just like on here give me feedback, constructive criticism, after all everyone starts as an amateur we learn from listening and watching. So please join me at or find me on Facebook under JUST SIMPLY YOU

As far as the weight and the band goes, I couldnt be happier. I sitting on a comfortable 84kgs which is where Ive been for a while now. Im happy, confident, loving shopping and in general living life to the fullest. I cant believe what I missed out on all these years hiding behind my fat.... dancing for example - who would have thought I would looove it so much... haha...

On the weekend I went to my first Lovedale Long Lunch in the Hunter Valley (Im very fortunate to live in a beautiful part of this country which is just around the corner) our buses theme was roaring 20's and if some of you remember I attended a party last year the same so was very excited that I already had an outfit that I was comfortable in. I had a blast and sat there looking around at all the people feeling such a mix of emotions (some will tell you that had more to do with the wine LOL) but it was a feeling of joy & sadness that why had it taken me to 36 years of age to realise I was good enough to not only attend something like this but to enjoy it whole heart idly without any reservation to what others might have been thinking of me. For the first time in my life I was enjoying being looked at and not once was I thinking OMG they are judging me.

Once again I had my shoulder of strength with me, the gorgeous Tarnya Haines. I truly dont know how I would have dealt with many of my emotions over the past 4 years without her friendship and support, she is my angel.

I will upload some pictures from the weekend (the tasteful ones of course haha).
Hope you are all well and learning to love yourselves a little more each day. We ALL deserve happiness. Have a great week xxx