Saturday, September 20, 2008

movin movin movin....

Well I'm 2 days away from my next fill and as I think I said in the last post it often takes 2 weeks to know the real restriction so Im glad I have another fill booked.
This time it has definatley given me restriction, but not quite enough, I have however lost 3kg now so I am very happy to say its moving in the right direction.
The first week I was thinking yippee I can barely eat a thing, now I am back to eating everything, but a much smaller amount and taking heaps longer. So I think another 0.2mls will make all the difference. I dont want to be back where I was when I couldnt manage a thing, this time I have come to accept that I still want to be able to eat food....just no where near as much .... cause lets face it....I love food!
But the goal of 100kgs by Christmas seems very do-able now. So feeling very happy about the future. xx

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Loosing again....

Well its been 2 weeks since my last post so I thought I would update on how I am going. Well the last time I wrote I had been to see the dietician and the new dr and had 0.5ml put in my band. This unfortunately didnt change a thing. I was still able to eat just about this week back I went again for a little more, 0.5mls was put in again and let say ...yippee... I am finally feeling restriction again....not as much as I would like long term but hey its better than last week.
Its just so lovely to be under a dr now that is caring and kind and not at all concerned with how often i come, infact he suggested I come fortnightly, which is great as I always find you really do need a couple of weeks for the swelling to truly go down and for you to know the "real" restriction that you've been given. So last night soup was all I could manage and only half a bowl, which as crazy as it sounds to you was quite exciting to me, due to the fact the night before I had sat down to steak & veg....
Today I have been grazing on not such healthy stuff if I am to be honest but am feeling a real restriction. The scales today said I had lost 1.5kgs so I am happy, finally they are moving down not up!
The only thing I am struggling with at the moment is really bad reflux at night, I know that i eat too late and that I like my late coffee, but I think they are going to have to go, as the past week I have been dropping off to sleep only to be woken in a panic with vommit coming up my nose.....yuk! and thats after taking medication and having a swig of mylanta on the way to bed. So I must remember to mention that on my next visit......well until safe!