Saturday, April 26, 2008

AAAHHH !!! My appetite is back!!!!

Well I am on here thinking I will do a post as that will take at least 5 mins and so theres another 5 minutes I am not looking for food...... I am going crazy with my cravings - anyone would think I was pregnant - no no no - I can assure you I am NOT!!!

But I do feel as though I could eat a whole bakery.... yes bread is my thing at the moment, I guess 13 months without any and I cant even look at baker's delight without drooling, this morning I was going to stop there and get something for morning tea (have the inlaws coming for lunch) and when I saw the counter I had to run away, I was having overwhelming thoughts about all the tea buns and how many I could eat!!!!

So I decided on some buscuits from Woolies as they are no temptation, rather boring really!
Currently I have gained 3 kgs, now my surgeon assured me that I would gain at least that in fluid but it doesnt make it any easier seeing the numbers on the scales....

I have to see my dietician next week, what am I going to tell her - Gosh I hope she doesnt look up banding blogs - she'll know all about my bread addiction and I'll be in big trouble!!! LOL!

So I am going to have to concentrate on portion control this week and saying NO to bread!
I have got my 1 cup measure out so as I dont eat more than this in one sitting, gosh I miss restriction when you just physically couldnt eat the one cup of food, now I could eat the contents and the cup aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok off to clean bathrooms, I think I'll make a list of things to keep me busy and get Ben to bring home a padlock for the fridge and pantry!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Doctor's Visit

Went to see my Dr on Friday and just as I said all was fine and I had nothing to worry about....if anything he was really nice to me.....

He said that when I go back in to have the band done up, he is going to do another procedure on me in which he puts a camera down my throat aswell so as he can make sure the band is definately in the correct place.

So that is all great I am feeling confident about having it all done, the only down side to all this is that he is off to China next week and so I cant get done until the 27th May!!!!

Yes 6 weeks....AHHH I could gain 50kgs in that time with the appetite I have!
Back to the optifast I am thinking!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Past Week

Well what a past week it has been, after me gloating on here about how wonderful I was feeling I ended up back in hospital on the Monday with a suspected blood clot on the lung, but after 2 cat scans and an ultrasound on the legs and several warfrin injections either it disolved or the only other reason they gave me was that my body had gone into shock from the operation.....

So back at home now I am feeling a mix of emotions, still quite tired and I wouldnt say sore, just uncomfortable. I find after I eat anything I get a little breathless. and the eating thing is what I am struggling with the most - my appetite is back with avengence and that is really bothering me. I dont want to gain back the 36kgs in the next 2 weeks waiting for my band to be done back up!!!

I have an appointment with my Dr on Friday and will hopefully get a date to have it done then, but I always feel so aprehensive when I have an appointment with him - dont know why, I feel like a school girl waiting to see the principal!!! Silly - as once I have seen him I always think to myself - what was I worrying about!!! So this week I try desperately to stick to a "healthy diet" I had thought of going on optifast but then my appetite takes over and this little voice inside says "you havent eaten properly in months - eat food!!!" So that goes out the window. I will however go back on it when he tells me a date as I do want my body as well prepared for this next surgery as possible...

Anyway thats me......

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Good Old Slippage Trick

Well yep you guessed it - I ended up with Band Slippage! It all started in the early hours of Tuesday morning when I woke with the most incredible pain through my chest and back, for those of you who have heard people say its like having a heart attack I can agree that yes thats kind of what I thought was happening.... So I called the hospital, only to be told that my surgeon had only just finished in theatre an hour before but was back on rounds in the morning if I could wait till then, so I propped myself up in the recliner chair with a heat pack and tried to get some sleep......
By 6am couldnt bare it anymore, called the hosp again they said to go straight to John Hunter Hospital and that my Dr would meet me there as he was going to be in theatre all day. Once arriving they gave me some morphine to help with the pain, and sent me straight to have chest xrays. This confirmed that I had an anterior slippage of the band and that surgery needed to happen fast, basically I was so dehydrated as I hadnt had any fluid in around 48 hrs that had actually stayed in my body and my band was choking my stomach. So all his surgeries got bumped back and they took me straight in.

After 4 hours in surgery the outcome was one I am very happy with, they were able to re-position the band and leave it undone (bit like putting on your belt through all the loops but not buckling it up) so as not having to remove the band I will not need major surgery again, now I will need to return in around 4 weeks for a day surgery procedure where they will use 2 keyhole points to do the band up. So now I think we have a tally of around 10 incisions and 2 more to come, we'll be able to play join the dots soon...LOL...

So anyway all is going well, I am feeling better than I have in months, I have another appointment with my Dr in 2 weeks and I'll know more then as to when the next surgery will happen....