Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to 5 mls.....

Finally....feeling restriction again, its funny even though it hasnt been all that long ago its amazing how quickly you forget what real restriction feels like, as I mentioned in my last post I had an appt with Dietician, well I told her that I could eat anything and then still snack on the brickwork of my house for afters.
She agreed I definately needed more fill. So off I went to see my lovely Dr thinking he would agree to maybe 0.2 or if I was lucky 0.5 but he suggested we went straight for 1ml.

So now I have 5mls in my 10ml band and boy has it made a difference. As always it is different from day to day but so far to give you an example of what I have eaten today 1 weetbix and a cup of coffee- took me 1/2 hr, some left over pasta for lunch about 1 cup took 45 minutes (I had to heat it up twice while consuming) and i am about to try tacos for dinner so will have to let you know how that goes.
I am happy to say though hunger! So I am a happy girl and looking forward to seeing the scales at the end of the week.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My new band name "Will Power"

Feeling very frustrated......I can still eat everything. 4mls is just not enough, I have an appt on Monday week with the dietician and I am hoping for some good news in the fill department. I dont remember still being able to down bread at 4 mls last time but I can this time.....this band is so confusing... I am thinking 4.5 is where I would like to be, I should find bread difficult then and meat a no no, I dont want to be silly and go back to where I was where a half an avocado was my daily intake but I do want my will power back and as I seem to have no control of my own, I want my bands will power to take over.

Clothes are still fitting in the size 18 but I cant say I would like them to feel any tighter..... before the whole fix up with the band I was closer to the 16 than the 18 now I feel like I am creeping back to the 20 and this cant happen as I have given all my 20s and lets face it no one wants to see a size 20 roaming around without clothes on......

Had a dinner with my fellow bandits on Friday night and felt very jealous of some of them struggling to eat their soup, meanwhile I was eating my prawns, rice and salad then going a lemon meringue pie and coffee......see my will power has gone on holidays.....

I did however get forced to get up on the dancefloor as imbarrasing as it may have been but was pleasantly surprised to find even worse dancers than me performing at their best that night. I did laugh in the shower the next morning though when my hips were hurting from the But at least I may have gotten rid of some of the meringue fat.....

So I will sit with my premenstral bowl of chocolate now and wait until Monday week to see if we cant get this will power tighter....hey thats made me think of my name for the band. (many of my fellow bandits have a name for their band like, freddy etc) so i think I will call mine "Will power".
Till then xxx