Friday, October 16, 2009

Its a Dress!!!!!!

Well its 3 weeks since I had the op now, and finally I am really feeling back to normal, I can go to the shops again now and not feel like I am going to collapse... hence why Im in a dress!!!!!!!!! haha, I bought this dress a year ago cause I just loved it, got it home and when I put it on I couldnt get it over my stomach... but I couldnt bring myself to take it back.... so today is a very exciting day for me... Im wearing dress and thats something I havent done in a VERY long time.......

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 Weeks Post Op

Well its been 2 weeks today since I had my op, amazing how fast that time has gone. Im at the point of feeling frustrated at the moment. Im still having to sit in this reclined position which makes doing anything really difficult, not suppose to be driving until my bandages are off (which I have snuck out a few times..) and am still having to sponge bath.....Oh what I would give for a long hot shower!!!

Friday I have an appointment with the Surgeon to have these bandages off get my stitches out of my belly button and should get the ok for showering and driving and sitting - whoo hoo.

Apparently the sitting thing has something to do with the flap (as they call it) I think that is the piece of skin they have pulled down and stitched. They said I must sit this way as to prevent the flap from dying???? so Im not sure but it sounded yukky so Im doing as Im told....

Anyway just thought I'd post a pic, not much has changed since the week one photo...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Must have's for Tummy Tuck

Since going through this process there are a few things that I either had taken with me which made life so much easier or things that I wished I had taken, so I thought Id share them with you so when you too go through this you'll know up front what would make life easier:

Hipster undies

- now even if you would never consider wearing them now, they are perfect for after the op as they sit under your scar and believe me after the op this is all you'll want to wear.

Roll down elastic waisted stretch cotton pants

- I just bought the yoga style 3/4 length ones from Katies which were perfect as you really wont be able to have anything firm

Singlet tops with built in shelf bra

- with all the tightness and the gurdle you have to wear a bra felt like it was taking my breath away so if your happy to go bra-less then do, but for those of us who like a little support these singlet tops are the way to go

Neck Pillow

- you know those squashy little ones that are for travelling, I found that being restricted to lying on my back and elevated and being someone that likes to sleep on their side, I really needed something to support my neck when I slept.

Cream and Lip Balm

-with the aircon my skin and lips was sooo dry, even to the point my lips were splitting.

Since being at home and wanting to sleep in my bed I have bought a bed wedge from "hospital at home" which is just like a triangle firm pillow that allows you to sleep elevated. This has been the most comfortable thing I could find that kept me in the same position as I had in hospital