Monday, May 11, 2009

About time!!!

I thought I would come on and do an update and I was shocked that it had been sooo long.  It feels like yesterday when I was on here and it was January... I couldnt believe it.

Well the past few months have been pretty smooth with the band. I only had one hiccup around Easter when I got the flu and the constant coughing chose to tighten my band. To which my beautiful Dr Fill came and did a house call and took 3 mls out...... and could'nt that come at a nicer time... I was very naughty and totally took advantage of it being Easter and all the Hot Cross Buns and Chocy's.... hence why I managed to gain 3 kgs in one weekend!!!!!

So from then week by week I have been going and having 0.3mls put back in, and at the moment I am managing most foods but in a baby bowl. Which is the place I really like to be. Its amazing how much you enjoy the taste of food when youve been too tight to eat it....

I now weigh 96kgs. I have been to visit a few plastic surgeons in the past few weeks too, as I have been left with a very large over hang of skin and everything down below seems to have headed south too. The surgeon assured me that by having a tummy tuck and by pulling everything back up not only will I realise I DO have a fanny.... but I will loose that weak bladder in my eyes there is really no reason NOT to.....BRING IT ON!!!!
I have decided on a lovely surgeon who is new to Newy and plan on having the surgery at the end of the year. I would hope that I am around the 90kgs by then. Which really should be an achieveable mark.

Well thats about it for now. Till next entry, take care xx