Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4 mls in

Well my appointment on Monday went well.

(Other than the bit where I had to get on the scales.....I am now 106kgs, not a happy girl. It just goes to show that without the band I would go back to morbid obesity in no time....)

He gave me 2mls making my band now at 4mls, so I am happy with that as I did think he may have even gone slower than that. He did however say he didnt want me to loose any weight in the next 6months.........yes you can imagine my reaction to that.....NOT HAPPY!

But he also said he wont let me gain I have to be happy with that, as much as I want to loose know I need to be paitient.

So its back to the gym I go and try to firm up once again all the floppy
Restriction is ok, definately eating less...
Till next time xx

Friday, June 13, 2008

needing fill desperately

Well its been another week of mush and I am finding my appetite is going through the roof, I have the instructions from my dietician that to only have a half cup of food moving to a full cup if really hungry...... and I could eat 5 cups with the way my appetite is. I am seeing her on Monday to see if I am ready for a fill. Gosh I hope so or I am going to eat the house!

I will be interested to see how conservative my Dr is this time though as one of my previous mistakes was wanting my band as tight as it would go. Now we know this was a very BAD thing to do. So as I know there is NO fill in the band I am wondering if he is going to put much in! Others I've spoken to have had 3mls at there first fills and with my original band I had 3.5 in already from the surgery. I know there is nothing in it this time though as that is something I asked in hospital.

So in the meantime my cravings for chocolate and icecream are terrible, feel like its that time of the month all

But I have decided to go back to the excercise......grrr....for those of you who know amazing Donna (she has lost 100kgs....yes 100kgs) I am going for a walk with her tomorrow...... so I will get back and let you know how I go and if I can keep up! lol!
till then xx

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fluid Stage Over....Whoo Hoo!

Well I am offically over the fluid stage....and what a relief that is. Now the hard part starts though, eating real food (even if it is mashed) quantity is going to be the issue as with no fluid in my band there is no chew chew chew - here I come!

I just really want to get this right this time! I think I might stay with the optifast for breakfasts as I still have 2 boxes so may aswell use them...

and after reading bridgets blog I am thinking the food diary might also be a good choice to make...oh well only two weeks to my first fill.....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lapband Support Group Newcastle

Hi, just wanting to reply to Jo, who left me a lovely message this week and let her know that if she would like to join us for dinner on Thursday 5th June at Valentine Bowling Club, she would be more than welcome, a group of about 15-20 bandsters normally go and its a great place to socialise with people who "know" what your going through. You are more than welcome to bring your family along too if that makes you feel more comfortable. xxTrish