Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 08

Well what a few months it has band has given me a bit of greif....I was trotting along loving life with my new restriction and my fantastic weightloss to then have it all come to a sudden holt...with Reflux. I now have a new appreciation for those poor little babies that suffer from really hurts....
So in turn I had to have all my fill removed, which of course the fat person within reared its ugly head and realised no fill means no restriction!!!!!!!!!! Yep you guessed it 7kg GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which of course doesnt make it any easier when your doctor tells you thats a good thing as you probably lost it too fast anyway!
So now I am back at being filled 0.5mls every month and so far have got back up to 4.5mls, but just this weekend have had another set back with another bout of the reflux and the most excrutiating pain around my abdomin. After speaking with Dr they think it may be gallstones!
So this week will be all tests to determine if I have them or if I have had a slippage....god I hope its not a slippage! Or my fat person within is going to be living on the outside aswell!!!

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mjwdec73 said...

Fingers crossed that all your tests go well this week - good luck!