Saturday, September 20, 2008

movin movin movin....

Well I'm 2 days away from my next fill and as I think I said in the last post it often takes 2 weeks to know the real restriction so Im glad I have another fill booked.
This time it has definatley given me restriction, but not quite enough, I have however lost 3kg now so I am very happy to say its moving in the right direction.
The first week I was thinking yippee I can barely eat a thing, now I am back to eating everything, but a much smaller amount and taking heaps longer. So I think another 0.2mls will make all the difference. I dont want to be back where I was when I couldnt manage a thing, this time I have come to accept that I still want to be able to eat food....just no where near as much .... cause lets face it....I love food!
But the goal of 100kgs by Christmas seems very do-able now. So feeling very happy about the future. xx


samib85 said...

trish ! how you been girlie ? well i hope. bugger the other dr ! he sounds like a dick anyway ! i'm the same as you.. still under 100kg but stuck. cannot move to save my life.. eating like a sparrow and i need to step up the exercise i know but it's so hard with work and everything else that's going on. i know you can do this with the band chickadee and so can i ! look how much you've lost with it already.. it's not meant to be easy. you just gotta push through (thinking about now that i should perhaps take my own advice.. lol !)
hang in there ! i'm definitely thinking of you..
Sami Xx

Melanie said...

Sounds great. Isn't it great to feel restriction!! mel

Diz said...

Sounds like you're back on track to me. I'm excited for you. I think you'll get your Christmas wish!

Sandra D said...

Best of luck with your Christmas goal!