Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy as a pig in mud

I've finally got it!!!!!!!!! Yes I perservered and I finally understand what the "sweet spot" is. All this time I was thinking just a little more fill and I will be on a whirlwind of weightloss. But since my slippage I decided that slow and steady would hopefully win the race.
Well thanks to my ever so beautiful and understanding new doctor, slow and steady is winning the race.
I am proud to say that I had cancelled the last 2 appointments I had booked with Dr Fill, mainly cause I just wasnt sure where I was, somedays I felt like I could eat a horse, then the next day the horse would get stuck...and ouch I'd be back on fluids for a day.

So I was putting off my appt mainly scared he would want to take some out and in this 3 weeks I discovered, well my brain finally got it, that there are foods that are going to be a no no, nomatter how many times I try.

So I have come to the conclusion I want to be able to eat, I dont want to miss out like I was a year ago. So I went back and saw Dr Fill and admitted that I can eat just about anything and I am loving it, but that the reflux was still a major issue, so he went through the usual questions, am i eating after 7pm.....NO, have a elevated my bed....YES, blah blah, and yes we have agreed that I am just one of those unlucky ones that is going to suffer from reflux, So he put me on pariot tables and so far so good. The relief was instant.

But then.........he weighed me, and here I was thinking well my mind is in a really good place at the moment and my pants are feeling looser so it has to be something good and yep it was.....I have lost 4 kgs since seeing him 4 weeks ago. Whoooo Hoooo, I was so happy. and thats with eating!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha.....

So while I sit here on my little high, I am going to enjoy it......

On another note though, there is something that I would like to mention. For those of you out there that are finding your are emotionally struggling. I would have to say that up until around a fortnight ago I was feeling really down emotionally, not coping with the normal day to day stuff with the kids and really feeling out of control. I actually went to see my GP about going on antidepressants. Thankfully I am blessed with a wonderful GP aswell and she had a chat to me about the hormones, and how the hormones in our bodies change dramatically with such big amounts of weightloss and that this can often lead us to thinking we have depression when all it is is needing some leveling out to get the hormones right. So she actually suggested that I went back on the pill (something that I havent been on since having my tubes tied almost 4 years ago) as the pill mucked me around and i am hopeless at remembering to take those damn little tablets, I asked if I could go back on Depoprovera then, but she explained that apparently there is something in Depo that increases your chances or osteoporosis, and as having the band also increases your chances of that we didnt want to double that. So the last choice was to have an IUD put in called the Mirena. It has a slow release hormone in it that lasts 5 years, and this should help me level out the hormones.
So 2 weeks ago I went to the gyno and had one put in. Although extreemly uncomfortable procedure, I cant tell you the difference I feel it is already making....... I am feeling more in control. So I just wanted to share this with you as I know others who have had the same experience with the out of control feelings and maybe this is why alot of surgeons all over Australia are insisting you see a psychologist as part of the whole banding package. It acutally makes sense...... Well till next time. Keep Safe xx


Melanie said...

That was some entry - lots to think about. Glad things are going well. The hormones discussion was interesting and certainly something to consider. Mel

Bridget said...

4 kilos!!! Go you!!!
That may help with your weight loss too Trish!

Anonymous said...

4 kilos in 4 weeks is bloody awesome! congrats! The hormone part of your blog was quite interesting. I've been catching up on everyone's blogs (I haven't had time for a month) and quite a few of us are having emotional times of it lately. It certainly does stand to reason that losing weight that we may have held onto as a sheild for so many years may be affecting us in more ways than just the psysical differences.

Anyhoo, glad you're feeling on the up.

Em :)

Bel said...

Hi there,

Just wondering how you are going?

It's great that you have found that happy place.