Thursday, February 18, 2010

6 months after the TT

Well it has been a while since Ive been on here, my recovery from the Tummy Tuck has gone fantastically. I am soo happy with my progress. I am still having issues with the reflux in the evenings and have decided to try having a Tony Furguson Milkshake for dinner in stead of food and see if this makes a difference. So will report back and let you know how that is going.

My big exciting news though is that last week I decided to get a tattoo, something I have wanted for years but was quite scared about doing as I didnt want to put myself in a situation where I would look skanky if wanting to get dressed up.
When I was looking at having the Tummy Tuck I saw a pic of a girl who had a vine tattoo'd over her scar and I thought WOW thats gorgeous, and so thats what Ive done.

I am sooo happy with the outcome, I do plan to go back in a couple of weeks and have a few more swirls and whirls put here and there but for now I am just stoked that I got exactly what I was after, I went to a guy who was very experienced in covering scars too which I thought was important and for those of you wondering about the pain. Well thanks to the tummy tuck, I was numb majority of the time so I didnt feel the outline or the black at all, the flowers on the other hand were a different story... they hurt real bad.......haha

Anyway will attach a pic, this was taken the day I had it done so my poor stretch marks are quite raised and swollen, all is good now though everything has flattened again.

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Anonymous said...

wow what a great idea! My ankle tattoo hurt enough though so I doubt I could handle something so big! haha

Glad to hear your recovery is going well.