Thursday, June 21, 2012

OMG has it been that long!!!

Today a friend asked for list of anyone who has a weight loss blog. I immediately gave her mine, but then it suddenly dawned on me that wow I haven't been on here for so long....

Life has been good to me, I really think I have finally seen the light with my band. I don't ever actually really stop and think about the band these days, or ever find it stops me having anything I want.

My mind is completely different though, I live on fish and love fresh produce. Something I never thought Id say out loud LOL. I couldn't tell you the last time I went to McDonalds or KFC and for those of you who know me, know that I almost had shares in those places pre-band days.

I am very active and am just making the most of life. My weight is 83kgs and does still fluctuate, I have a love of wine and do admit that its half my reason that my weight just does not want to get below the 80kgs, but look, at the end of the day, I'm happy with who I am, I'm comfortable in my own skin (another first for me) and Im just really enjoying my life.

Ultimately I guess I would like to loose another 10kgs long term. But I am not worried how long this takes. Currently a size 16, I haven't been that since I was 17. So I am happy!

A few weeks ago I got another tattoo, yes I was warned it was addictive LOL. My reason behind this was though to reward myself for my achievement and to have a constant reminder of where Ive come from, I will attach a pic. But the words I chose were " she believed she could, so she did" and I stand by this, if we believe hard enough and trust in ourselves we can achieve anything"......

On a different note: this past week I have had a Hysterectomy, for any of you who have been through this or who are contemplating it, you must check out a great page called the information on this page is invaluable.

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Clarity said...

So glad to hear how happy you are with your band!! :) xx