Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Update

Well the last month has gone by so quick, not much I can say is happened, I have been struggling again.....seems to be the story of my life since August last year....

About 2 weeks ago went to a girlfriends night out, and after 2 sips on my glass of champane sure enough I was hanging over the toilet again in massive amounts of pain. Once this happens I assume I swell from the vommiting and then of course spend the next 2 days not being able to eat a thing.

Well thats what happened, by the Monday night I was in such unbearable pain I went to the hospital and waited for my surgeon to come out of surgery and take all my fill out. The relief was instant! So off I went home thinking great, I'll see him in a few weeks and get some more fill and start all over again. But this time it has been different.

The initial relief from the pain was instant but normally once all my fill is out I'm ready to eat a horse. As you normally can fit in whatever you like....but for the past 2 weeks I am all over the place. I find that breakfast is definately a no no! Coffee goes down fine but nothing else. Then lunch, a salad goes down fine, which is nice as when I am on tight restriction salad is no friend of mine!!! But as for anything solider - forget it! and if I even try soft drink (which I know were not suppose to drink) I vommit without fail.....

The last 3 times I have tried to have alcohol, the pain I have ended up in is excruciating.....but in the scans it says I dont have gallstones....So I am completely confused, I have another appointment on Thursday with the surgeon, so hopefully I will have another answer then!

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