Friday, June 13, 2008

needing fill desperately

Well its been another week of mush and I am finding my appetite is going through the roof, I have the instructions from my dietician that to only have a half cup of food moving to a full cup if really hungry...... and I could eat 5 cups with the way my appetite is. I am seeing her on Monday to see if I am ready for a fill. Gosh I hope so or I am going to eat the house!

I will be interested to see how conservative my Dr is this time though as one of my previous mistakes was wanting my band as tight as it would go. Now we know this was a very BAD thing to do. So as I know there is NO fill in the band I am wondering if he is going to put much in! Others I've spoken to have had 3mls at there first fills and with my original band I had 3.5 in already from the surgery. I know there is nothing in it this time though as that is something I asked in hospital.

So in the meantime my cravings for chocolate and icecream are terrible, feel like its that time of the month all

But I have decided to go back to the excercise......grrr....for those of you who know amazing Donna (she has lost 100kgs....yes 100kgs) I am going for a walk with her tomorrow...... so I will get back and let you know how I go and if I can keep up! lol!
till then xx


mjwdec73 said...

Good move on the exercise - hopefully it will keep you sane and stop you finding ways to turn the house mushy! Good luck with the fill - sounds like you will feel better with anything in there!

samib85 said...

hey trish !
how you holding up after those freddos ? i'm bloody hopeless. absolutely. i'm absolutely kicking myself because i've been eating and i know i shouldn't be. still supposed to be on liquids for another week and today had a hot dog for lunch. i am so so so stupid ! i suppose though that i did the same thing last time and my band was ok. not that that's an excuse mind you. i feel like absolute crap !!
my email is by the way. drop me a line.. would love to hear how you're doing.
sami xx