Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4 mls in

Well my appointment on Monday went well.

(Other than the bit where I had to get on the scales.....I am now 106kgs, not a happy girl. It just goes to show that without the band I would go back to morbid obesity in no time....)

He gave me 2mls making my band now at 4mls, so I am happy with that as I did think he may have even gone slower than that. He did however say he didnt want me to loose any weight in the next 6months.........yes you can imagine my reaction to that.....NOT HAPPY!

But he also said he wont let me gain I have to be happy with that, as much as I want to loose know I need to be paitient.

So its back to the gym I go and try to firm up once again all the floppy
Restriction is ok, definately eating less...
Till next time xx


Anonymous said...

Geez that would be tough - not losing for 6 months. But best do what the Doc says, he wouldn't suggest it if it wasn't necessary. Stay strong!

Em :)

samib85 said...

i'm so so jealous that you have fill !! i'm staaaaaarving ! how come the dr said don't lose weight in the next 6 months by the way ?
sami xx

Bridget said...

I would want to slap Dr if he said that to me! Lol! Glad you got some fill though!

Bridget said...
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