Sunday, October 12, 2008

no to chicken but yes to sandwiches ?????

Well since I last posted I have been back to see the always beautiful Dr Fill, he gave me 0.3mls which initially I was thinking...oh thank goodness I didnt get the 0.5mls as I was really restricted to liquids only on the first few days, but now having that amount for over a week I am feeling thankful I have another appt on friday as I my appetite is back, and although I struggle on somethings such as chicken or pasta, I can still quite easily get down a sandwich???? Go figure!!!!

So my weight is 106 which is great that it is moving in the right direction, but seems to have stuck, so hopefully after friday I will be able to reach that sweet spot and not need to go back for some months....

Anyway bandsters, till next time...

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