Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reflux Fixed!

Oh and I forgot to mention to those of you who have messaged me about Reflux,

I have found a way to eliminate this completley ...... My Dr had said well you just cant eat after 7pm, which I was really struggling with as if the kids have afternoon activities and if Ben gets work after hours we often dont eat until quite late. So everynight as much as I had good intentions it just didnt happen and I would end up choking as soon as I went to bed.

Then I had a thought that I could just have refux tablets in the evening and maybe that would help.....WRONG! It didnt do a with much frustration I can tell you this is the solution I came up with....

Dont eat ANYTHING after 8pm, (I had to make it 8 as 7 just wasnt do-able) and then sip on boiling water for the evening....I know sounds boring doesnt it, and it has taken some real will power not to want that evening snack but the boiling water somehow tricks my mind into thinking i am having that evening coffee......I know weird! But hey if it works dont knock it.

Since doing this I am no longer waking choking on vommit......and we all know how revolting that is!


Nola said...

Hi, just found you via Melanie's site....I have been reading back through some of your older entries...what a ride you have had!! Glad you have got the reflux under control now:)

Bridget said...

Choking on vomit. Sounds like a bunch of fun!!!
I'm hating the old heartburn at the moment.... grr