Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to Reality - now 102kgs - again!

Well the latest on my blog of a life, goes with having fill put back in last week to take me to 4mls, which has been great all week while I have stuck to the liquid phase.....weekend from hell arrived though as I started moving back to the solids, they didnt spent the whole weekend getting to know my toilet bowl really well. Today I have had 1ml taken back out to try and ease the pain. Great now, I was so dehidrated I think I have probably drunk about 4 litres this afternoon.
Had a big chat to my Dr, he wants me to really slow down, he said really what I have lost in the last 12 months I should have done over 2 years, so as he knows my first goal is to get to the 100kgs he said I have a year to loose my last 2 kgs......funny man! I can see where hes coming from though - I am the most impaitient person I know! and I just feel so close to the goal, its killing me not being able to step over back to 3mls now, will be as patient as I can be and see what happens.....

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