Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OMG What a Weekend!!!

What the hell was I thinking asking for a ml..................my impaitients some times drives me crazy! Well yes I got the ml they had some trouble finding my port based on the fact it seems to have turned sideways.....but never the less he managed to find it and all was well....well until Friday night and Saturday all I did was vomit even a the slightest sip of water.....the pain was terrible and so the Beautiful Dr Phil had to come around on Saturday afternoon to take some fill back out......only to find that he couldnt get my port at all.

Yes I was starting to panic - thinking I may never eat or drink again! LOL my port had completely turned upside down....so after about 35 attempts at trying to get it he had me relax and manually turned it back on its side just enough to get the fill out....but in turn he pulled 3 mls out.....AAAAHHHHHHH yes thats right now I am back to the beginnning again...... this is so frustrating!

So now I have to go back in and have surgery to have it sewn back onto the muscle or whatever it is they attach it too....and yes I know your all thinking well how did is dislodge itself...my pump class did it.....in the first one I ever did I can remember feeling a pop, but thought oh I must be putting too much pressure on it, at the time it didnt hurt so I didnt worry....turns out my Dr tells me that he has several paitients who excercise at the gym and they are the ones who end up having to have it sewn back all the time! So much for excercise...........ouch!

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Bridget said...

oh my gosh thats scary!!!! i'm glad I found this out, going to talk to doctor about gym tomorrow!