Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Filled to the brim!

Well I got in to see my dietician today, and after her explaining to me for half an hour that I am not taking in enough protien (which I might add was very interesting) she agreed that I desperately needed a fill, then to my surprise she offered for me to see my Drs offsider who was there and could do my fill straight away...whoo hoo.

So off I went into his office resigned to the fact that once again I would be lucky to get another 0.5mls but to my surprise he put 1 ml in. I did my water test, felt nothing and was sitting thinking, what is going on???? But no sooner had I arrived home to make myself a cuppa and all the breaks have come on...tonight I made jacket potatoes with Satay Chicken Kebabs, realising fully that I was going to be a little more restricted, well wasnt that an understatement.......I would say in total I have probably eaten 2 tablespoons of food an now am sitting in an uncomfortable state of fullness, but no complaints, this is what I wanted so now my brain is just going to have to adjust.... I think I will see though how I go this week as I dont want to be too silly and be too tight so I might just be going back on Friday for 0.5 to come back out, we'll see how we go when the swelling goes down.

So round 2# Mark 10, here we go again......13th August - 110kgs, goal is to be back at 100 by Christmas.....I think that should be doable!

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Anonymous said...

Wow - you look fantastic!! Congrats on all of you hard work!!! :)