Monday, August 18, 2008

Re-evaluating Thursday

I am feeling a little better this morning, I know I did the right thing in my heart by going there and having fill out, what I am confused about is that when we get a fill we are told that if for any reason its too much call anytime so when you do you dont expect to be yelled at.

I guess I was taken back because I would have never gone there and asked them to page him from home, I knew he was there so thats why I called. I am also confused as to why he is so upset with me for having so many fills as this is only my 3rd since the op, and arnt you suppose to have many before you get that optimum spot.

I had 5ml before my fill, 6ml after and I said to him that 5.5 is going to be my spot, but instead thats when he started raising his voice and only left me with 4 in, so great now I am back at the beginning again.........and by the sounds of things he is not going to be willing to give me anymore.

I just feel as though everyone who is doing well is able to see there dr on a reg basis knowing they can get a little in here and a little out there unitl they find the right spot, instead I tend to op to take to much cause I know the next appt wont be for another 6 weeks, and now of course he wont top me up at all........

I am thinking of transferring to another dr, think i will think somemore before I make any rash decisions.I am also thinking of asking my dietician if she will come see him with me as if I go on my own I know he is only going to yell at me again, and to be honest I am a little afraid, I know with you guys I have verbal diahorrea but I hate confrontation and I always end up sitting there allowing him to yell at me, while the whole time I am just concentrating on not bursting into tears.

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