Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday's vision

Well I have had a lovely weekend which has given me a break from the real world and alot of time to reflect on what I want to do.

This morning I went straight to see a new Drs secretary and have a chat to her, I thought there is no point in worrying about what to do if I dont have any option, but lucky for me I do.......

She said of course I could change over to be her Dr's patient. All I have to do is get a referral from my GP, fantastic, appt already will see Dr next week.

Then I decided I owed it to my dietician to contact her and let her know of my decision, at first I was really concerned thinking that I have probably already been bad mouthed. But to my surprise she was completely shocked by what I told her and agreed that I was doing the right thing, gave me her complete support and still offered to come and sort things out with me if I wanted to go and confront him myself.
I thanked her but said, really there was no point it would just be wasting everyones time, as I had made up my mind that I really dont want to be treated this way anymore and things need to change. So we left on a lovely note and she told me if ever i needed her help, Id know where to find her.

So things are going right, I am feeling very content in the decisions I have made. All I need to do now is send a letter requesting my files be sent to Dr.....mmmm wonder if "all" my files will be sent to him :)

Till next time xx


Diz said...

Good for you! Part of changing yourself is empowering yourself. You are a woman working hard to be healthy. That Doctor was being a jerk, and he knows it. You should've called him on the carpet in front of the assistant. But that's for next time. This time, you made a decision that you don't deserve to be treated like this and would replace him. Well Done! You are one of the many Bandsters that inspire me.

Shrinking Dolly said...

What a magnificent thing to do for yourself. Its a lesson that it hard to learn sometimes, particularly when we a treated poorly by those whom we are taught to respect like doctors, lawyers etc. Congratulations for standing up for yourself and ensuring that you get what you deserve.


mjwdec73 said...

I've just caught up with everything and I'm horrified by the way he treated you. Good for you making the decision to go and see someone who is right for you.

It was lovely to see the support you had from your dietician as well - it must be nice to have that in your corner.

You can do this - you just need the support from your doctor. If changing doctors is the only way you can get that support, good for you!

Jen said...

I just read your update and can I just say how appalled I am at that doctor's behaviour! You are doing the right thing in changing. Of course you should be able to get fill in and out, as you need to, to find your optimum level. Your doctor should be working with you to find this...not abusing you for listening to your body!!

It's great to see you took positive action and put your needs should be very proud of yourself. Your needs are important and it sounds like you are realising that and doing something about it.

Inspiring! Good on you.
I hope the new doctor is MUCH better.

Jen xx

Bridget said...

I'm really proud of you!

Beba said...
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