Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally light again at the end of the tunnel

Well I just thought I would sit on here and share with you the events of my day.... this morning I went to see the new Dr and Dietician.

Thank you to those wonderful friends who might have had a little whisper in my dietician's ear and given her the info she needed to know to be ready with open arms and wonderfully know who you are, so thank you.

Then I saw the wonderful Dr who couldnt have been more lovely, so after coming home feeling really "right" about my decisions to swap I made myself a cuppa and who should call on my phone...yep you guessed it the "other" doctor.

He was as nice as pie, very straightforward but still nice, had a chat to me about why he wanted to see me and that he felt gastric bypass was the only option for me to suceed. Then asked my thoughts on this and the reasons behind the swap, I simply said that I was tired of feeling as though I was a problem to him and I didnt want to be walking on egg shells.

He said he understood and that he was more than happy to transfer my files. Then wished me all the best and then said that if I changed my mind and came to see him then we would talk some more about the GB.

So after hanging up and the next half an hour calming down from the shaking I was doing whilst talking to him (I know I am such a baby) I am feeling better than ever with my decision, I dont feel as though I am ready to make the step to have such a drastic op at the moment and I do feel with the right medical support I can make this band work really well for me.

So I just thought I would share that with all of you and once again thank you for your love and support, it has been a rather stressful time for me so I am thankful its over and thankful I have friends like you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patty. I'm a journalist and I'm looking to interview someone who has had gastric banding surgery. You live in Lake Macquarie in NSW? Can you call me on (02) 9523 7771

Diz said...

Congrats to you. I know it couldn't have been easy to tell that doctor, but he needed to hear you. Now, I think he has. I think GB is pretty drastic too, so to make that decision is a difficult one. You already know the band works for you, so it's worth it to give it another try. Only YOU can decide what's best for you. I'm so happy for you. You are in a good place.