Monday, August 18, 2008

Thursday night.....

Well Iam on here tonight to vent....I am feeling so confused tonight and have spent the last hour in tears. Basically yesterday I went for another fill which I desperately needed and dietician agreed, my Dr wasnt there but his offsider was and so I had the fill with him, he decided to put 1ml in my band, I did the water test, which was fine with no noticable restriction.

Came home and found there was definatley a difference with afternoon cuppa and struggled through dinner, had terrible reflux last night through the night.
This morning breaky I decided to have a banana smoothy and I ended up only drinking half, I wasnt in pain just discomfort, lunch I had some custard and again discomfort, but by this afternoon around 4pm I had another cuppa and I ended up in a bit of pain, I decided that I was too tight and so called the surgery to arrange a time to have some fill out.

They said they could only fit me in tomorrow at 1pm so I said ok. So dinner tonight I attempted a really soft quiche, after about 3 mouthfuls I was sick and decided that since I have done this the wrong way in the past I wouldnt be silly and so I called the hosp to see if I could come in as my dr was there, they said that was fine and so off I went thinking I was doing the sensible right thing.

Once there I saw my dr who although very friendly at first, once the door was closed blew me up, saying he was sick of this, sick of me coming in, that this was just rediculous and that he thinks its time we looked at other options and that obviously the band isnt going to work for me, then the nurse walked in and he stopped the conversation....I am so angry with myself for not speaking up and so confused as I thought I was doing the right thing....and now he wants to see me in a week to talk about having the band out!!!!!!!!!!!

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