Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 2

Had a pretty restless night, mainly with a sore bum having to sit in the same position with my back and knees elevated.
Oh and maybe cause I couldnt stop looking down... LOL.... it was somewhere around this time I remember sending my girlfriends a Txt message saying "OMG I can see my fanny - Lovin myself sick" LOL.

So today they are still keeping me bed ridden, thinking the pain will come today, everyone has warned me day 2 is the worst. So I am prepared for a rough day. Nurses come in to sponge bath me and tell me to press the PCA cause they are going to roll me. I am immediately nervous... and really cringe as they begin to roll me, but again - nothing! No pain! So I am thinking ok maybe the anesthetic is still working....

But no the entire day Im fine, no pain... uncomfortable from that position I have to stay in but not in pain.... exausted though, even 5 mins of talking and Im needing a nanna nap to catch up, you know when you feel like your awake and your still chatting but your eyes are glued shut.... haha or is that just me cause I can talk under water...

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