Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 5

Feeling quite exausted today I think I may have overdone it with my 3 laps yesterday...manage though to give myself a sponge bath this morning and wash my hair, have to sit down half way through though as I become light headed.
Aim is to stay out of bed and sit in the chair until lunch today, then I know I'll be sleeping all afternoon....

The nurses surprise me and come in and say were taking a drain out today - ahhh I think, Oh no this is going to hurt......I am so scared its ridiculous! The nurse is wonderful and soo gentle and it slides on out without me even feeling it ( well that is until the end bit that feels like a rope with a knot in the end) and as she gets to the end she says take a breath in and she tugs the knot through - again NO pain.... but awww I was nauseous.... haha

So now 3 more drains to come out, they dont like to rush it cause apparently you can end up having to have the fluid syringed out if they take them to early - YUK!

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