Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tummy Tuck $$$$

As Ive had a few emails asking lots of questions regarding the prices and whats covered etc. I thought I'd pop them on here for you.

As I am having my tummy tuck done due to weighloss and previous ceasarians I am covered under medicare number 30177 as a life altering procedure (not just cosmetic), this does not however mean that I am covered by medicare for the procedure it just means that my private health insurance will cover my stay in hospital and the theatre costs. I still will have to pay the following:

Approx cost of Surgeon $6000 - out of pocket expense - not covered by fund or medicare
Approx cost of Anethetist $1700 - you get about $388 back from medicare
Approx cost of Assistant $500 -not sure on rebate for this one

If having Liposuction you are looking at around $2000 - not covered as this is classed as cosmetic, therefore they also then charge you for a portion of the theatre time in which the lipo will take and this has been estimated by the hosp to be around $500.

So all up you are looking at around $10,000.
You can however claim 20% of anything medical over $1500 in next years tax return so thats at least something...
And you can apply to APRA to have early release of your superannuation to have this procedure done provided your doctor is approving you "medically necessary and placing you under that item number mentioned above".

So there you have it, from what I hear, its pretty much the same price whomever you go to, but its nice to choose someone who you feel comfortable with.

Stay tuned for the gross "before" pics that I will post later LOL

Then because this is classed as cosmetic

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Anonymous said...

Good to know thanks! I've got a couple years to save anyway! Keep posting - I'm definately interested in how it all goes!

Em :)