Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 6

Last night I woke twice through the night with aching in my torso almost flu like, nothing that panadol wouldnt take away though. Then woke again at 5am with a real pulling feeling to my incision - not painful but really weird and tingly. Asked nurse about it and he said that when you start to heal your scar starts to shrink and thats why its feels like its pulling... so all is good..

Decided to get up and have a wonder around, my beautiful nurse brings me a cup of tea and everything feels better LOL.

After a sponge bath again and freshening myself up I am feeling on top of the world... today I am aiming to walk a lap of the ward every hour and manage to, every day I notice such a difference in how much easier things are getting.

getting funny fluttery feelings under my skin today - almost like when you first feel your baby and its like butterflies....feels really funny!

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